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Hi, my name is Stuart Best. Welcome to my personal training website, Personal Trainer St Albans.

I’m a qualified Personal Trainer and CrossFit Coach, and I’m also a registered Osteopath.

As such, I have a rare skill set that enables me to deliver high-quality exercise programmes and workouts that help my clients achieve their exercise goals whilst considering their current and long-term musculoskeletal health.

A key consideration when working with personal training clients is the ‘orthopaedic cost of exercise’. Simply put, the risk-to-reward ratio of exercise is evaluated based on each client’s biomechanics, posture, flexibility, stability, motor skill, functional capacity and exercise experience.

This helps to ensure that workouts address my client’s goals and abilities when considering multiple parameters, meaning workouts can be challenging to ensure stress and adaptation whilst remaining safe and sustainable.

Personal Training Clients

I specialise in working with men like myself. I’m 54 years old, have played sports, and have trained at high intensity for over 40 years. I’ve undergone three knee surgeries and had many injuries over the years, from pushing myself to the limits playing rugby, powerlifting and participating in CrossFit.

But by combining my osteopathic, nutritional and exercise knowledge, I can still train with intensity, maintain a high level of muscle mass for a natural athlete, remain very flexible, and am probably the fittest I’ve ever been.

Not that impressive on the surface, but in December last year, I declined a partial knee replacement on the grounds of being able to remain pain-free and fully functional despite an x-ray and MRI showing significant degenerative arthritic changes that justified surgery.

Although I specialise in working with men looking to improve their fitness, health and longevity, I also work with younger and older men and women looking to achieve a wide range of goals, including sports performance, weight loss, injury rehabilitation, and general health and fitness-related goals.

How I Personal Train Clients

I adapt how I work with clients to help make my personal training services financially accessible to most people.

Some clients participate in personal training sessions working with me on a 1:2:1 basis or with a friend, whilst others choose to use my personal training services on a consultancy or advisory basis.


Click go to review to be taken to the Trust Index website to view my reviews. The reviews relate mainly to my osteopathic work, but they will give you a great insight into what people think of me.

Contact me

If you would like to discuss how I can help you, please get in touch with me to arrange a free personal training consultation.