How to start Accountability Coaching

Accountability Coaching for Health and Fitness

Accountability coaching for Health, Fitness & Well-being

The information below tells you how to purchase an accountability coaching credit. What happens after you purchase credit, and how I work with clients.


  1. Purchase one 60-minute accountability coaching credit using the PayPal button below.
  2. After purchasing the credit, you will receive an email inviting you to join and download my Coaching App, powered by Everfit. This will be later that day or the next, depending on when you purchase the credit.
  3. Next, you’ll receive an in-app notification to complete a 20-question coaching questionnaire.
  4. Once you have completed the form and I have reviewed the information, you will be contacted to arrange our first session.
  5. In this first session, we will discuss how to work together best and formulate a plan to help you achieve your goals.

This is a flexible process. You are paying for my time, expertise and support.

This means you can choose how often I contact you, how the contact is made and for how long.

Coaching App

Methods of contact and support I provide via my coaching app are:

  • In-app notifications: this may be personal to you or a group of people I’m coaching
  • In-app tasks: this may be viewing a webpage or watching a video relevant to your goals
  • In-app response: for example, to an activity or workout you have completed

Generally, in-app contact methods take very little time, are easy to manage, and are built into my fees.

As such, I don’t track interaction time with clients here. The only exception to this rule is if a client purchases online personal training where bespoke exercise programmes are created for you. This is an optional add-on service I provide.

However, when you start accountability coaching, you will gain FREE access for 3 months after your last purchase date of accountability coaching to the app.

The app has many resources and a library of stretch routines, workouts and activity-tracking, all of which can be recorded and tracked.

All the functionality is included to access and track your progress, whether your goals are activity, fitness or weight-related.

Suppose you wish to keep using the app and the programmes when you finish accountability coaching. In that case, this is available at a nominal price which will be confirmed by the end of January 2023 when I formally launch my online personal training services.


This is where most of our one-to-one coaching will take place and consists of the following:

  • Messages: if you message me, I’ll normally send you a voice message in return.
  • Phone Calls: the frequency and duration of calls will be agreed upon by us in our first in-person conversation.
  • Video Calls: this is an alternative option to voice-only calls, and as with calls, the frequency and duration would be pre-agreed.

How your monies are spent

To keep things easy and transparent, the time I charge is derived from WhatsApp phone and video calls.

WhatsApp records the time of each phone and video call, and we can both view the logs. When the time you have paid for has been used, you can cease working with me or purchase a new 60-minute accountability coaching credit to continue working with me.

The only terms and conditions I place on the purchase of accountability coaching are the following:

  1. The 60 minutes of credit must be used within 3 months of the purchase date; otherwise, the credit will expire.
  2. Once our first WhatsApp phone or video call has taken place, the purchase of coaching time can not be refunded.