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Drop Sets

Drop Set Guide

Drop sets build on the structure of basic sets.

Perform one set to fatigue before reducing the weight and immediately perform a second, or even third, set, reducing the weight each time.

The weight is commonly reduced by approximately 15-30% each time. And the reps will vary depending on how fatigued an athlete becomes.

When the drop set is finished, a rest period is taken. You may either return to the original weight and repeat this same exercise sequence or move to the next exercise.

For example

Set 1 – Bench Press 60kg x 10 reps – 45kg x 8 reps – 30 kg x 8 reps

Rest 120 seconds

Set 2 – Bench Press 60kg x 9 reps – 45kg x 7 reps – 30 kg x 6 reps

Rest 120 seconds

Each set is usually performed to muscular or technical failure.

If no weights have been allocated for you in the workout, your goal is to warm up with what you feel would be a light/moderate weight to both warm up and estimate what you think an appropriate weight would be to start your working sets at.