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Dynamic Stretch Guidelines

Dynamic Stretching Guide

Dynamic stretches use large ranges of motion (ROM) to prepare the body for exercise. As such, it is suggested that you watch the demonstration videos to see the correct technique.

Tips for Dynamic Stretching

  1. Move progressively into larger ranges of motion as you perform more reps, and tissues and joints become more mobile.

Stretch Duration

  1. Whereas static stretches are typically held for a recommended duration, dynamic stretches are generally performed for a prescribed amount of repetitions. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule.
  2. Start with slower tempo movements, moving towards slightly faster ones, but always focusing on control and listening to your body and its flexibility limitations.

Goals of Stretching

  1. Pre-workout, dynamic stretching aims to prepare the body for exercise and help you achieve the joint range of motion you know you should have available.
  2. Post-workout dynamic stretches are not generally performed post-workout. Instead, static or less dynamic stretches are recommended.