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EMOM Guide

EMOM is an abbreviation for ‘Every Minute On Minute’.

Traditionally used with a time frame of one minute. However, it can be adapted to shorter or longer periods.

In the period, you perform one single exercise. This can be for the entire minute or include a rest period.

An Example Is

Using one minute and a burpee as an exercise, with an athlete who can perform 20 burpees in one minute:

  1. Perform 60 seconds of burpees and score 20 reps (no rest time would remain)
  2. Perform 45 seconds of burpees and score 15 reps (15 seconds may be remaining to rest)
  3. Perform 30 seconds of burpees and score 10 reps (30 seconds may be remaining to rest)

As soon as the minute expires, the next minute starts, and you perform the next exercise or repeat the exercise if the workout only has one exercise, as in the example above.

When you have completed one circuit of each exercise, go back to the beginning of the circuit and repeat until you have completed the recommended number of rounds.

i.e. If you had 3 exercises in the workout and planned to perform 4 rounds, you would perform a 12-minute EMOM.

EMOM workouts can be performed with a single exercise or multiple exercises.

In a recent 1 Hour Burpee world record attempt, an athlete performed 16 burpees EMOM and progressively built up the number of rounds they could maintain this tempo.

16 Burpees x 60 minutes = 960 (the target to beat the existing 946 world record)

They also performed some workouts at a higher pace, i.e. 20 Burpees EMOM for 20-30 rounds, and some workouts at a slower pace, i.e. 12 Burpees EMOM for 90-120 rounds.

Goal / Pace Setting

You may challenge yourself by setting a pace in each exercise that you intend to maintain each time you perform that exercise.

If this is the case, you must allocate a portion of the minute to rest to reduce the likelihood of fatiguing and failing to maintain the pace/reps.

i.e. 10 Burpees every time you perform them, to allow yourself between 15-30 seconds rest before the next exercise.

Alternatively, you may push harder and perform as many reps as possible in each exercise. However, this strategy will most likely see a drop off in performance with subsequent rounds.

For Example

Round 1 – 20 Burpees

Round 2 – 18 Burpees

Round 3 – 16 Burpees

Round 4 – 14 Burpees

Tracking Interval Time

Set a timer to 60 seconds of work.

SmartWOD is timer, free to download and easy to use.

Open the app, select EMOM and set the time to 60 seconds. Then enter the ‘for’; this is the number of rounds x the number of exercises.

i.e. A 1 minute / 60 second EMOM = 4 rounds x 4 exercises = ‘For’ 16 minutes

i.e. A 1.5 minute / 90 second EMOM = 4 rounds x 4 exercises = ‘For’ 24 minutes