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HIRT Guide

HIRT (High-Intensity Resistance Training) Guide

First, perform an isolation exercise to activate and partially fatigue the target muscle group.

The second exercise is performed immediately after the first with no rest and is designed to fatigue the target muscle group using the arm’s assistance.

An example is performing a chest isolation movement, i.e., Chest Fly, followed by a Chest Press variation. This allows the triceps utilised in the press movement to overload the chest muscles.

If the second exercise has a second set attached, this is performed straight after the first set after the designated rest period.

An example is resting 10 seconds after the first set of chest press before performing the second set.

The number of reps that can be achieved will be dramatically reduced. Still, this type of training aims to cause microtrauma to the target muscles, not maximal strength development.

If no weights have been allocated for you in the workout, your goal is to warm up with what you feel would be a light/moderate weight to both warm up and estimate what you think an appropriate weight would be to start your working sets at.