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Prep & Activation Exercise Guidelines

Prep & Activation Guide

These exercises are designed to further prepare the body for exercise by increasing your awareness and your nervous system’s activation of muscles predisposed to become weak from the stresses of sitting postures.

The exercises also strengthen tissues at their end range of motion, commonly inaccessible in daily living.

Move slowly when performing these exercises; focus on breathing, core activation, posture (proper joint alignment) and feeling what muscles are engaging during the movements.

If you have one side of the body that feels weaker or harder to access the range of motion than the other side, then take your time and progressively try to expand the range of motion over the series of repetitions and sets.

If the exercise has a time component and reps, then the time is how long you should hold the position. This is usually the position where the muscles are maximally contracted.

To maximise the effects of the exercise, try to squeeze/contract the muscle harder to increase the muscle fibres the nervous system recruits.

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