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Rehabilitation Exercise Guidelines

Rehab Exercise Guide

Please ensure you watch the video before performing the exercise.

Focus on slow, controlled movements, emphasising the eccentric phase of the motion, which is where the muscle lengthens under load.

Regarding reps, sets and frequency. Rehabilitation exercises can be performed more frequently than traditional training BUT at lower intensities.

The goal is to stimulate rather than overload the tissue. On this basis, we consider exercise and dose-response.

This means a low number of repetitions performed frequently is like taking a medication multiple times per day, which is different compared to achieving a high amount of repetitions and sets in one dose, which may risk overloading tissue and negatively affect tissue remodelling.

A good guide would be to perform either:

5-8 reps x 3 times per day, or 8-12 reps x 2 times per day.

What is essential to consider is the current tolerance of your tissues, so start with a low number of repetitions (5-8) and only perform 1-2 sets on day one. Then gauge your response to ensure it’s not harmful, i.e., one which increases your symptoms.

Once you have established a baseline of tissue tolerance, you can subtly and progressively increase the repetitions performed and how many times per day.

When you can perform the exercises at the higher repetition ranges and more frequently, PLUS no longer feel your injury daily, the next step would be to return to a more traditional resistance training modality to load the tissues and further strengthen the region.

But, once again, start with a low dose and gauge your response before progressively increasing the load to the tissues as measured in repetitions sets and weight.