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Superset Guide


Supersets are two exercises for opposing muscle groups performed back-to-back, i.e., biceps curl and triceps extension.

Perform the first exercise, followed immediately followed by the second exercise.

If you have multiple sets, you will return to the first exercise after any recommended rest period.

This workout structure is usually used to help perform more working sets in a given timeframe.

The sequence of exercises should have a minimal impact on the quality of work that can be achieved as one muscle group is resting while the other is working and vice versa.

This can be used to perform upper body push and pull movements but may compromise the quality of work if utilised on lower body compound movements, where anterior and posterior muscle groups work synergistically together.

If no weights have been allocated for you in the workout, your goal is to warm up with what you feel would be a light/moderate weight to both warm up and estimate what you think an appropriate weight would be to start your working sets at.