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Personal Training

I deliver Personal Training sessions in clients’ home gyms. The content of these sessions varies depending on the client’s goals and the equipment available to exercise with.

I also deliver personal training sessions at CrossFit Verulamium and Body Limit Gym in St Albans. 

Body Limit Gym is St Alban’s premier venue for bodybuilding and well suited to all types of resistance training for any fitness, exercise and health goal.

CrossFit Verulamium is located on the outskirts of St Albans in the Chiswell Green area. The venue is probably the best facility for functional training and developing cardiovascular fitness in St Albans.

I train at both Body Limits Gym and CrossFit Verulamium, and which location I train at depends on the focus of my training session that day.

My Services

I offer various exercise and lifestyle coaching services to suit any budget.

  • In-person 1:2:1 weekly personal training
  • In-person 1:2:1 monthly personal training with online support
  • Remote online personal training
  • Accountability coaching

Home visit requirements

Personal Training – you must have a home gym.

If you’re interested in learning how to reclaim your health and fitness, please get in touch with me to arrange a free consultation.